Founder's Story

This is the personal life story of Datin Dr. Lynn Tan, co-founder of NewLife™ International and inspiring role model to many. As a vibrant and energetic young lady, Dr. Tan’s passion for sports led her to represent her state in many athletic events. But things took a turn for the worse when, at the age of nineteen, her health started deteriorating. Her once bubbly persona was replaced with feelings of being unwell and tiredness, and her health continued to suffer through her time as a university student. Despite these challenges, she graduated with a First Class Honours in Chemistry.

After she returned to Malaysia and began her life as a teacher, wife and mother, Dr. Tan grew weaker by the day and feelings of irritability and flaring tempers due to frustration became common. She had no choice but to resign from the teaching profession, while her unexplainable health condition worsened and declined to the point where she found herself sleeping increasingly during the day, with little to no energy during her waking hours.

A constant pillar of strength to Dr. Tan through all of this was her husband, Datuk C.K. Tan, who sought medical treatment for her all over Malaysia and Singapore, but to no avail. With each visit to yet another doctor or specialist, her frustration grew. "It came to a point where I was longing to be told that I had a particular disease because then my frustration and depression, caused by not knowing what was wrong with me, would end," she said. But little did they know that these feelings of malaise would soon be a thing of the past.

One day, Dr. Tan’s family met Dr. Costa Deir, a medical doctor and naturopath who was a visiting preacher at their church. They offered to house him during his visit and it was during his stay that Dr. Deir diagnosed her weakened condition as toxaemia, or a condition characterised by a high level of toxins in the blood.

Based on Dr. Deir’s sharing and teaching, Dr. Tan immediately started to change her lifestyle and started living along the principles of ‘let food be your medicine, and medicine your food’. Within a few months, the changes to her physical state were apparent. Her amazing recovery plus the health needs of her own family was the catalyst for Dr. Tan’s intensive research into natural healing over the next few decades. Her transformed life led to her having two more children, a Doctorate in Natural Healing, and a practice in Naturopathy. She took it upon herself to share her knowledge with others and to create a platform where the benefits of her life’s work could be made available to those who are eager to lay a firm foundation for a healthier life, a revitalised body, and a renewed mind.