Corporate Philosophy

Established in 1993, locally based NewLife™ Malaysia, is an organisation that is firmly rooted in natural healing and holistic health. It has grown by leaps and bounds from its humble beginnings as a business for the personal consumption of the founder's family. Today, it is a business which has successfully touched and benefited thousands of lives, both within Malaysia and regionally. It advocates the important principles of freedom from diseases and how this can be coupled with financial freedom.

Inspired by the teachings of Dr. Costa Dier, NewLife™'s founder Datin Dr. Lynn Tan (N.D.), B.Sc (1st Class Hons) (N.Z.), Professional Nutritionist, NIOA (U.S.A.), Doctor in Naturopathy (U.S.A.) embarked on a quest that spanned and encompassed 15 years of research and compilation of experiences and testimonies from many individuals. Based on this, Dr. Tan and her husband Datuk C.K. Tan (A.S.D.K.), B. Com, A.C.A (N.Z.), C.M.A (N.Z.), founded NewLife™ Malaysia, a brand committed to healthy, progressive living.

Dr Tan's wholesome message gained credibility and visibility through NewLife™'s Networking Scheme and soon others were also participating in her knowledge of health and how this could be both rewarding and exciting.

With a significant range of health products including personal care items, health appliances, as well as health books, NewLife™ aims to address multiple issues related to health and wellbeing. One firm favourite in the range is the 7-day Detoxification and Rejuvenation Programme, a therapeutic health-building program that has been proven over the past two decades as a leader in its field guaranteed to make the taker feel completely rejuvenated.

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We wish you continued health and success!

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