Business Opportunity

It is important to have the right perspective and attitude when making important decisions that could have a positive outcome in our lives. NewLife™ is a solid example of how you can build the path for a bright and fruitful future. This is your invitation to join us and explore our unique way of life, beginning with a simple step that will help you build the best business in the world!

With its history dating back to 1993. NewLife™ is a reputable company led by caring and capable founders, Datin Dr Lynn Tan and Datuk C.K. Tan, who are committed to marketing superior health products made with wholesome, natural and authentic ingredients. It is also a platform for all who have benefited from it to share their NewLife™ message with others. As an independent NewLife™ distributor, you can motivate others on how NewLife™ not only brings good news for those who suffer due to a lack of knowledge, but also presents limitless opportunities and financial freedom.

Our unique marketing plan offers more than just financial benefits. It offers life's values and recognitions, the joy of helping others, personal growth and development experiences, and the confidence that comes from owning your own business.

Our unique approach to the marketing plan will give you control and flexibility to help you unlock your true potential. This combined with our business support networks will keep you connected to leadership programmes that are designed to help you enhance your quality of life. Credible financial freedom and recognition is now within your reach!

Build a genuine and credible retail based

Unlike the typical 'MLM opportunity' prevalent today, our opportunity is built on a sound foundation of genuine service to a stable clientele of real retail customers.

Low start up cost

Your start up cost is flexible within your means.

High quality proprietary products with
proven efficacy

Our products are proprietary with efficacy proven and field tested over 20 years.

Select your own client base

You select your preferred client base who will be loyal consumers for years and decades to come.

Proven business model

You operate a business model that is soundly based, established and proven

Partner with an established brand in
health in a market leading niche

Your partner in business is a market in a health niche with no equal.